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Environ Facials

Environ is an advanced skincare range that achieves outstanding results. Its unique combination of active ingredients work to nourish and protect skin, improving the appearance of lines, sun damage, problem skin, uneven skin tone and dryness.

Formulated by world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes, the Environ skincare is an advanced cosmeceutical range of amazing products, designed to benefit your skin.

The clinically tested formulations contain powerful anti-oxidants and active vitamins scientifically proven to deliver impressive results, no matter what your age.

If you have not used Environ products before, it is worth noting that it is a consultation based skincare regime. Due to the high levels of active ingredients, especially Vitamin A, these products are not available “off the shelf” on the High Street. Environ’s unique tiered system means that your regime and customised facials will continually progress through the different levels of products.

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    The Active Vitamin and Advanced Active Vitamin facials are suitable for all skin types, but particularly effective for those who suffer from sun damage, uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues, premature ageing, dryness or scarring. You will see impressive results after just one treatment. These facials will work to nourish your skin by driving Vitamins A and C, as well as anti-oxidants, into the lower layers of the skin using gentle sound waves and small electrical pulses. This scientific approach stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce lines and improve elasticity. The treatment will also increase the hydration of your skin and enhance radiance. Your skin will feel glowing, dewy and thoroughly nourished.

    60 minute treatment – £80.00
    Course of 6 – £450.00

    Add Dermalux to any of our facial treatments for just £25.00 for 20 minutes

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    1. How are natural growth factors in the skin stimulated?
      Independent research by Dr Matthius Aust at Hanover Medical School showed that natural growth factors in the skin are stimulated by:
    • Topical Vitamin A
    • Skin Needling PCIT
    1. What sort of results can I expect?
      Independent research by Dr Matthius Aust at Hanover Medical School showed the following results based on treatment over an 8 week period:
    • A 22% increase in the thickness of the epidermis due to topical vitamins alone
    • A 100% increase in the thickness of the epidermis due to needling alone
    • A 140% increase in the thickness of the epidermis due to the combined use of needling and topical vitaminsProving that the use of Environ products, alongside needling, will provide the maximum results.
    1. Do I need to prepare for the treatment?
      For 2 weeks prior to your first treatment at The Mulberry Spa you will need to use a recommended Environ AVST moisturiser, twice a day. This will help to prepare your skin for the high doses of vitamins.
    2. What should I expect during a treatment?
      During your treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepared and a topical anesthetic will be applied. This will be left on for 50 minutes. The Derma Roller will then be passed over your skin in various directions. You should feel minimal pain due to the anesthetic. Following the Derma Roller treatments you will receive an Environ Lonzyme Facial Treatment. This will involve sonophoresis and intensified Iontophoresis sound waves, used to penetrate the topical vitamins A and C-plus additional growth factors applied to the skin up to 3000 times deeper that if just applied using massage alone.
    1. What should I expect after the treatment?
      Following your Derma Roller treatment at The Mulberry Spa you should expect your skin to look red for a couple of days. This is completely normal. Your skin may feel quite tight and dry for a week or so after your treatment. The use of your prescribed Environ products will assist with these symptoms. It is essential to use sunblock after your facial and we will provide you with a FREE Environ Ras 15 sunblock to take home.
    1. How many treatments will I need?
      We recommend that you have 6 treatments, spaced out at 3 – 4 week intervals. Some people may achieve maximum results from fewer treatments.
    2. Where can the Derma Roller treatment be used?
      We can treat any areas on your face or body. Facial treatments are common, but stretch marks and wrinkled skin anywhere on your body can benefit from this treatment.
    3. Can this treatment be used on all skin colours and types?
      Yes, this treatment is effective on all skin colours and types.

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