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Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments

Here at Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty we offer an extensive range of treatments for your eyelashes and brows, including tinting, shaping, LVL lashes, HD Brows and both Classic/Individual and Russian/Volume Eyelash extensions.

Tinting & Shaping*

Eyelash Tint – £17.50
Eyebrow Tint – £14.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – £26.50b
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint, inc Eyebrow shape – £28.00
Eyebrow Shape & Tint – £23.00
Eyebrow Thread & Tint – £18.00

*Patch test required for tinting at least 24 hours prior to first treatment.

Nouveau LVL Lash Lift Treatment*

LVL (Length, Volume, Lift) works with your natural lashes and provides instant results with no maintenance. Treatment lasts between 6 -8 weeks.

LVL Lash Lift (60 mins) – £53.00

*Patch test required for LVL at least 24 hours prior to first treatment.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic / Individual Lash Extensions*

Classic lash extensions are applied one false lash to one natural lash. Classic lashes give a ‘mascaraed’ look and length. Curve and thickness are chosen according to natural lash condition as well as to what best enhances your facial features.

This type of eyelash extension will suit most clients with naturally strong and healthy lashes and can last up to 6 weeks.

Classic Lashes (90 mins) – £60.00

Classic Lash Infills (45 mins) – £35.00

Lash Removal (25 mins) – £20.00

*Patch text required at least 24 hours prior to the first treatment.


Russian / Volume Lash Extensions*

Russian lashes, otherwise known as ‘Volume lashes or Hollywood lashes’, are created with thinner lashes that allow the option of up to 6 false lashes per natural lash, depending on the desired look and natural lash condition. Russian lashes can be used to create a natural or a dramatic look.

The look that you desire will be discussed at the beginning of your appointment and you will be advised regarding what can be achieved.

Russian lashes are lightweight and perfectly safe for the natural lash. They can be worn week after week, month after month, without requiring a break providing the aftercare is followed correctly.

Russian Volume Lashes (90 mins) – £70.00
Russian Volume Lashes (120 mins) – £78.00

Russian Volume Infills (45 mins) – £40.00
Russian Volume Infills (60 mins) – £45.00

Lash Removal (25 mins) – £20.00

*Patch text required at least 24 hours prior to the first treatment.


  • Eyelash Extension Aftercare Rules Open Close

    Eyelash adhesive actually takes 24 hours to completely cure, and therefore, the first 24 hours are the most important time to ensure that your lashes will last.Do not get extensions wet for the first 24 hours. Exposing new lashes to any moisture, such as steam, high humidity or water, will result in the lash glue over-curing and becoming brittle causing your extensions will fall off within a couple of days.After 24 hours please keep lashes clean – clean them gently, as instructed by your lash technician and with designated lash cleanser. Bodily oils that travel onto your extensions will break down adhesive if not removed by cleaning. Failure to clean your lashes will not only result in poor retention, but the build up of bacteria can lead to eye infections.Keep oil based products away from extensions; limit the use of oily products on your face where possible. Oily products are absorbed into your skin and these then leave your body through pores in your skin, including your eyelids. This oil can travel to the extensions and break down the glue.

    Brush your extensions at least 4-5 times a day to keep them looking neat, tidy and uniformed.

    Do not pick or pull at lash extensions. The adhesive, although safe to use, is very strong and picking or pulling will pull out your natural lashes.

    Do not sleep on your face. Your extensions are delicate so ‘face planting’ in your pillow will cause extensions to fall out where they are being ‘rubbed out’ in the night.

    Always return for infills within the 2-3 weeks set by your therapist. Leave them to fall out naturally or get them removed professionally. Never attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

    NEVER apply mascara or liquid gel eyeliner to your extensions, or upper eyelid. Both will adhere to the extensions, cannot be safely cleansed off and will create a breeding ground for bacteria. If you ignore this rule you will be charged for removal and a full set.

    Please arrive on time for your lash appointments as you have been designated a specific time slot and your therapist cannot overrun to accommodate your lateness.

    Always arrive with clean lash extensions; the job of your therapist is not to clean your lashes due to the lack of aftercare. Unclean lashes will either require a full removal for client safety, an additional charge for cleansing or less lashing time due to cleaning needed

  • Eyelash Extension FAQs Open Close

    1.) Why are eyelash extensions expensive?

    Applying a set of eyelash extensions is a very intricate skill that can only be undertaken by a highly trained and skilled professional. Clients put their absolute trust in their therapist who works on their delicate eye area using sharp tweezers and strong adhesives. The products used are of the highest medical grade quality and, as such are expensive to purchase. These lash products are used in large quantities by the therapist with between 200-600 extensions being applied, depending on the lash service you are having. The individual isolation of every suitable natural lash requires skill and time with infills and full sets taking between 1-3 hours to complete; therefore this is not speedy or cheap treatment for the therapist to be able to offer.

    2.) I have lost a few extensions in the first 24 hours, is this normal?

    Completely normal – the average person loses 2-5 lashes per eye, per day.

    3.) Why do my eyes sting a little when I shower?

    Some clients may be slightly sensitive to a product in the glue called an inhibitor (Hydroquinone), which is present in very tiny amounts. When extensions get wet for the first time, it can leak out of the adhesive and cause minor irritation. Thorough cleansing (after 24 hours) should ease this irritation.

    4.) I had extensions before and they lasted nearly 8 weeks, these have lasted 2-4, why?

    Natural lashes grow in cycles, therefore a good set of extensions that are correctly applied will only last 2-4 weeks as a maximum, looking their best due to these loss patterns. When extensions last longer it is a sign of poor application with too much adhesive and extensions stuck together which inhibits the natural shedding pattern of eyelashes. A good set will grow and shed within 2-4 weeks being the average time they will look their best (Just like nails).

    5.) Are they expensive to maintain?

    No, an infill on your extensions should cost the same as the average nail treatment.

    6.) Do I need a break from lash extensions?

    If you are wearing a good set of lashes custom created for you, then you should never need a break and can safely wear them week after week, month after month. A fresh full set is recommended every 3-4 months to allow for full and proper cleaning of eyes and lashes.

    7.) Can I pick the look I want?

    Within reason, however your therapist will always explain what your natural lash can safely support. Therapists can only work off of a platform of natural lashes; therefore they cannot create something out of nothing. Extensions can only enhance what you have. If you desire an extreme strip lash effect, then extensions may not be for you.

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