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Fine Line Tattoos

Now available at Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty… Fine line tattoos!

Fine line tattoos are created with specific designs using thin, delicate lines to offer a subtle alternative to traditional larger tattoos. Usually smaller and more delicate in design, fine line tattoos are proving to be a popular alternative due to their minimalist style and elegance.

Also known as micro tattoos, fine line tattoos use very small needle configurations, as opposed to traditional tattoos which are made using larger needle configurations. Fine line work uses less needles than other styles to create intricate designs.

Available with Claire Mead at Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty, Fine Line Tattoos offer a stunning, subtle alternative to larger designs.

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  • FAQs Open Close

    Q. How long will my fine line tattoo last?

    A. Fine line tattoos, if not exposed to the sun or UV rays, can last for up to 10 years.

    Q. What should I expect after treatment?

    A. It is normal to experience some tenderness, puffiness, bruising, redness and itching. This is all part of the post-treatment and healing process. DO NOT pick, peel or scratch the tattoo or surrounding area – this could result in a loss of pigment, scarring and secondary infection.

    Q. How do I care for my tattoo after treatment?

    A. Please refer to our aftercare advice below and follow the instructions carefully. If you have any queries, please contact Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty.

  • Pricing Open Close

    Script (2 words) – 75 mins – £90.00

    Script (1 word) – 70 mins – £75.00

    Script (up to 5 words) – 100 mins – £130.00

    Script (up to 7 words) – 130 mins – £145.00


    2 Small Tattoos – 80 mins – £65.00

    Medium Tattoo 5 – 7cm – 90 mins – £110.00

    Large Tattoo 8 – 10cm – 100 mins – £145.00


    Single Letter or Symbol – 75 mins – £60.00

    Fine Line Tattoo 4cm – 75 mins – £75.00


    Tattoo touch up with fine lines – 70 mins – £40.00


  • Pre-Treatment Contraindications Open Close

    Please contact Claire Mead to discuss any queries prior to booking.

    Please note that contraindications which could prevent treatment from taking place include:


    – Under 18

    – Pregnant or breastfeeding

    – Diabetic

    – Blood thinning medication

    – Acne

    – Skin medication

    – Allergies including allergies to metals

    – Skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

    – Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment

    – Epilepsy


    Contact us to find out more.

  • Aftercare Advice Open Close

    Following the aftercare advice provided by Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty is vital to ensure the best results, safe healing and to avoid infection.

    Aftercare rules for Fine Line Tattoos:

    – The dressing must remain in place for at least 2 hours after treatment, but no more than 4 hours after treatment.

    – Before removing the dressing, please ensure you’ve cleaned you hands with antibacterial soap and that you’re in a clean environment.

    – Wash the tattoo carefully and gently with warm, soapy water to remove any residual ink and fluids, then pat dry.

    – With clean hands, massage a small amount of the tattoo ointment you’ve been provided with into the tattoo area to create a thin layer covering the tattoo.

    – You should use your aftercare ointment 3 times / day and if your tattoo is drying out, increase your usage.

    *Please note that the ointment should be used sparingly – little and often.

    – DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo – itching is normal, but avoid touching.

    – Do not expose your tattoo to UV light (sunshine or sunbeds) as this will damage the pigment in your skin and hinder the results of your tattoo.

    – Don’t expose your tattoo to lots of water (i.e. shower rather than bath). Avoid saunas, swimming, hot tubs, chemicals, soaking in water etc.

    – For the first 3 – 5 nights after your tattoo appointment, we recommend wrapping your tattoo with cling film as late as possible to protect it while you sleep. Please ensure that you have washed the area with warm, soapy water first and that you have dried it thoroughly and applied a thin layer of ointment before wrapping.

    – During the day, try to leave the tattoo uncovered as much as possible, using the ointment as required to prevent drying and flaking.

    – If you have any queries about how your tattoo is healing, contact Mulberries Aesthetics & Beauty. For any serious concerns, contact a health practitioner.

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